Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Friends

A number of months ago now, while SFC McG was home on his mid-tour leave (he got to go home for Thanksgiving, and he and his wife surprised his parents by showing up, unannounced, for Thanksgiving supper) I was off on a mission with one of my rent-a-Chaplain-Assistants.

One of the helicopter gunners, who all look alike basically, since they wear headgear that looks something like what one might see in an old Star Wars movie, caught my eye. He had a little friend with him, and the juxtaposition of this warrior with a stuffed animal seemed a bit bizarre, and oddly satisfying.

I pointed this out to my Chaplain-Assistant-For-A-Day, who was appalled. I guess that level of disdain might come with having three rockers, or perhaps it's a measure of the 'command climate' of our former Overlords. In any event, he was not amused.

I was, however.

And all the more so because he wasn't.

(I guess that means I probably need more meetings, or something.)

Quite a number of faithful readers of this blog have sent over tiny Beanie Babies -- for which I'm very, very grateful -- and I decided to hang onto one for myself. As I'd imagined, my use of the little friend evinced lots of clucking and fussing from MSG B, but my little friend and I are still together, several months later.

MSG B is no longer here, and I've not heard any clucking from anyone else, including one of the Command Sergeants Major who drives up once a week to pick up SFC McG and myself to take us into what used to be known as the "Triangle of Death."

I think my little friend adds a certain "Quelle heure est-il?" to the situation, n'est-ce pas?

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ
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Anonymous said...

Oh my, how delightful that soldiers, men instructed to destroy whatever is considered to be the target du jour, are willing to carry a beanie baby, and carry it where it is readily seen. Perhaps they have better judgement, truer aim, and greater compassion for that which must be destroyed.

Blessing to all!
msg :-) MaryShields

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