Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More than we can handle... (clarification)

I received the following note from my good friend, and separated-at-birth-identical-twin-in-sobriety, Susan R from California. (Susan and I got sober in the same month in the same year, in case that made no sense at all to you.)

Susan's sobriety is a thing of beauty to behold, whereas Fr. Tom W (who knows us both but loves her more) says of *my* sobriety, "Tim, your sobriety should serve as a warning to others."

I guess it's because Susan goes to lots and lots of AA meetings, or isn't a 'seething cauldron of rage' (as one of my Jesuit brothers once wrote of me), or generally wouldn't know a bad attitude if it bit here, or something....

In any event, here's what she wrote me:
It is my opinion that God doesn't send us anything at all - He is there to help us through the things that happen to us in life. The way He helps is to surround us with people like you who can support us and help us all to reframe and deal with the difficult situations we all run in to. Sometimes you are the helper, sometimes the helpee. If we surround ourselves with people willing to help, and we are willing to accept the help offered, we allow God's grace to flow. The hard part is getting past the crazy making yammering that threatens to drown out the stuff that helps.

Love, Your Twin
I couldn't have said it better, but should have, so as to have avoided the confusion it engendered.

Thanks for clearing this up, Susan!

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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MG said...

Hey Bro,
Just a heads up - your youngest niece celebrated her Confirmation at Mass this AM in front of all her Catholic classmates. You were remembered in the Mass, too. MG

AggieFNP said...

Tim...ROFLMAO...a seething cauldron of rage??? oh that is so you...andy p

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