Monday, July 06, 2009

And you thought you had a bad day?

On an otherwise ordinary day Down Range quite a while ago, not far from where my CHU was, an enemy rocket landed directly on another CHU. One can see what the CHUs are supposed to look like in the photo below, as well as what happened to the unit that was hit. (Click to enlarge any of the photos.)

In this next photo, it's clear that the roof has been removed by the blast, and that the Soldier's television was almost completely obliterated by the force of the impact and explosion. (This shot is looking from what's left of the back wall into the unit.)

This next view, from the front looking in, gives an insight into the damage, as well as the proximity of this unit to my own. I was in 705B. The air conditioner has been blown out of its location next to the doorway.

Here's another view from the front looking inward through what used to be the front door (note that the door is no longer present).

The wall of CHU 609B, directly behind the unit that was hit by the rocket, was sprayed with shrapnel which caused significant damage to the inside of that unit. You can get a sense of how far the shrapnel traveled by looking back at the first photo in this series. There was no one in the CHU that was hit at the time the rocket landed; its occupant had left perhaps five minutes earlier. No one was seriously wounded in the attack, thank God.

And you thought *you* were having a bad day?

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Becky said...

good dose of perspective right there.

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