Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Hurt Locker

I went with a friend to see "The Hurt Locker" recently. I don't often go to movies. I go even more infrequently to war movies.

The people who were most surprised by my joining the Army at an advanced age know that I don't even like war movies.

That being said, I highly recommend "The Hurt Locker" to anyone who wants an insight into what some military personnel experience Down Range. I did not 'enjoy' the movie, but I appreciate its verisimilitude. It conveys well the kinds of internal and external struggles faced in this counterinsurgency.

I found it very stressful just sitting in the theater watching the screen. Much to my surprise, I caught myself taking exception to certain aspects of what was being depicted on screen. "Maybe that was possible in 2004 (the year the movie is set in), but it couldn't happen that way today," I told the friend who went with me, concerning a couple of points.

I would never have expected myself to be able to offer a critique of the military aspects of a war movie as a veteran of a combat zone. Go figure.

Go see the movie, and offer a prayer for all who are there now, have been there, or will wind up there in the future.

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Becky said...

i saw this movie with my husband a couple days before he left for his deployment last weekend. we both had different perspectives on it which is probably to be expected. i'm not a big fan of war movies usually, the only one i've ever watched and recommended was taking chance, but i don't think that qualifies as a war movie anyways. all in all, i'm glad i saw the movie because it gave me a little more insight. my husband has some friends who do that job and he always talks about them and how what they do is crazy, necessary and saves many, many lives - this movie showed me what they do. i was nervous to see it with him because one of his friends was killed by an i.e.d. and he was nervous to see it with me because he was afraid it would make me worry more. in the end, both of our worries were unfounded. (i'm still going to worry tho!)

Unknown said...

I am glad to know how you, and Becky, perceive this movie, and that it is a "good" one.

I hold all of the combatants in the Light (my style of praying for someone), but I have no need to see your movie to understand the angst, the bravery, the insanity of war - wherever and whenever. Love and Light surround and are within us all!

Anonymous said...

I ditto Mary's comments!
Peace, Cina

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