Saturday, August 15, 2009

Screen screed

My computer made it through a year in Iraq without too much difficulty (though a USB port did self-destruct, necessitating a new motherboard upon my return to the States).

Recently, I noticed a crack in the lower left-hand corner of the LCD monitor. The computer did take a dive (inside my backpack) off a bus as someone was helping me off-load gear at the airport as I was leaving Summer Camp last month, so perhaps that might have contributed to the situation. But how this happened is really not very important.

Dell said they'd replace the screen on Tuesday of this week, but the day came and went with no new screen. Wednesday came and went with no new screen. Thursday came and went with no replacement, either.

Someone did finally show up late Thursday afternoon, and he did install a replacement monitor, but it was defective. He didn't find this out until it was too late to order a replacement which could be installed before I left town this morning. He very graciously put the old one back in before he left, well after 1800 hours.

I'm grateful he put the old screen back in, because it at least lights up!

However, it became harder and harder to use the computer, because this LCD monitor is actually a touchscreen, and the touchscreen aspect began to malfunction in such a way that it became almost impossible to do anything constructive with the computer.

After much patient effort on my part, I was finally able to disable the touchscreen and install a USB mouse.

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Kanani said...

Hmmmm.......fifteen years ago, I was blissfully unaware that the future would hold computer related stress due to malfunctions! But today? Well, yes, I admit to near total meltdowns one year when my hard drive crashed --and took a novel in progress with it.

A great example of impermanence!

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