Saturday, September 12, 2009


One of the Company Commanders had been amused by his Soldiers' concerns over the supposed haunting of our training site, and realized that a number of his troops were in the old hospital/research building (which was simply vacated as if everyone present had all gone out for a cigarette and had never come back) snooping around.

He grabbed a white sheet from his bed, and snatched up his flashlight with a red lens and sprang into action.

CPT G entered the building from the ground floor in the back, and stealthily crept down corridors until he came to the elevator. He got in, threw the sheet over his head, and punched all the buttons.

As the elevator stopped at each floor, he held the door open until he could hear noises being made by his less-than-stealthy underlings. Finding the floor they were on, he left the elevator, and made his way toward the sounds.

Carefully rounding a corner, he saw them a few yards ahead. He flicked on the flashlight under the sheet, and let out a low and rather sinister cackle.

The Soldiers screamed bloody murder and high-tailed it down the stairs and out of the building.

CPT G couldn't stop laughing.

I wish I'd thought of doing that!

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Carlo said...

Fr. Tim,
good luck with your deployment to Kosovo. I'm wrapping things here in Iraq. You are truly missed by all Catholics that have attended your Masses. The energy coming from your homilies is not easily matched. I wish all Chaplains could provide the same interpretation of Scripture and inspiration to the troops.
God bless you always,
CPT Salter

Mary Coady said...

Same goes for those of us in TMC.

Your homily the last Tuesday you were here gave me something to think about for weeks.

The rest of this note should probably go off line.


Mary Coady said...

As far as Casper goes, that's exactly the kind of, morale booster...I would have expected you to come up with! What restrained you?


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