Monday, December 07, 2009

St. Nicholas, part 02

After Mass on Saturday evening, the children who were waiting for presents from Santa Claus crowded toward the front of the church. Before St. Nick showed up, a handful of the youngsters put on a little play for the assembled masses.

I, of course, couldn't understand what they were saying, but it was pretty clear that the 'good angel' was encouraging the children to virtue while the 'bad angel' was urging vice. The actors were having a great time, though I'm not sure how many of the other children were paying attention.

They were clearly interested in one thing, and one thing only: the gifts of candy they were going to get from St. Nick when he showed up.  He can be seen in the photograph holding a number of the chocolate Advent calendars from the case of them sent to me by my friend Apryll from California.  (She also sent a couple of boxes of home-made cookies, which never arrived.  Sigh.)

After Mass was over, and Santa was handing out gifts to the children, I had the opportunity to have my photo taken with the girl who played the evil angel....   Some of my Soldiers later told me they had a hard time figuring out which of us looked more sinister.


Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Unknown said...

How delightful!!!!!

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