Friday, January 29, 2010

The 5000

Last night I happened to be looking through Google Analytics (very nerdish of me, I know, but hey! I like numbers and other nerdly things) before I went to bed. Google, in a rather Big Brotherish sort of way, keeps track of all sorts of information on who's using their services. Blogger, the host site for this blog, is one of a number of Google 'products'.

Anyway, I noticed that as I pulled up the stats for my blog, the number of "unique visitors" stood at 4999. There had been almost 42,000 "page hits", from those 4999 "unique visitors."

Now, I would like to think that *everyone* who stops by this page is unique and unrepeatable -- to use a phrase I learned from reading Nicolai Berdyaev almost thirty years ago when I was studying philosophy in Chicago -- and not just the 4999 identified by Google Analytics. Call me crazy.

As I was perusing other aspects of the site and the statistics contained therein, I returned to that first page, and behold! the counter was now at 5000.

It seemed like a nice round number.

It also reminds me that tomorrow, God willing, I'll have 11100 days-in-a-row of being sober (assuming I don't drink today, of course; Hooray for the Higher Power!). Another nice round number, I'd say.

But who's counting?

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Unknown said...

11,000 = 5,000 times 2, and another 1000 for good luck. Congratulations, Tim! Nice timing. Good decisions. All best wishes.


The Mendon Foodie said...

And sorry, Fr. Tim, google analytics doesn't count those of us who subscribe to you via google reader as we don't ever actually land on your page. So make it at least 5001!

Kanani said...

Ah, there is much to be grateful for!
Hope you are well. I always enjoy the reads.

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