Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mardi svelte

Sorry I didn't get this posted right away, but last night was Mardi Gras, here in the Not-So-Big-Not-So-Easy.  The Morale, Recreation, Welfare (MWR) personnel always do a great job of coming up with events for us, and last night was no exception.

What with no alcohol, the night was not very "fat" for the participants who'd otherwise have appreciated that sort of thing. All I noticed is that others weren't making fools of themselves to quite the degree others have on similar occasions, when booze was present.

Several of my buddies are from the Deep South, and one is from New Orleans itself. They helped plan and execute the festivities, in concert with the MWR regulars.

There was lots of food, including home-made jambalaya, the cooking of which was overseen by our resident Cajun.  Given that it was a "school night" (but keeping in mind there wasn't much else to do), a good number of Soldiers turned out.

One of the activities was a game of musical chairs.  Actually it was more of a fight-to-the-death.

Many a plastic chair died.

My Battalion Commander was one of the early contestants, but I suspect that upon seeing the mayhem wreaked upon the furniture, his will to self-preservation overcame his will to win.  I've included a photo of his calm and relaxed demeanor just prior to this arduous test of stamina and perseverance.

Later, in the spirit of the evening, in addition to wearing beads, the Commander sported a jaunty chemiluminescent crown atop his Campaign Hat.  That fashion statement was the envy of all present.

I made do with adorning my Stetson first with beads, and then with a similar (but less effective) chemiluminescent diadem.

When all was said and done (and it was done pretty early for me, as Ash Wednesday's schedule was going to be a challenge), we had as good a time as could be had here in the Balkans on the night before Lent began.

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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