Sunday, February 28, 2010

An update on MRS MSG McG

I received an email note from MRS MSG McG, who had her bad knee replaced on Wednesday of this past week. She finally is home from the hospital. Thank you for your prayer support of her, my friends!

As many of you know, she's the wife of MSG McG, who was my Chaplain Assistant when we were in Iraq last year (my first time; his third -- how's that for selfless service on his part?).

A grateful nation thanks you, MSG McG!

Oh wait.

Maybe not so much.

Did I mention that MSG McG's medical benefits from the Army ran out today? Without a job that provides medical coverage, he and his wife have no more health insurance.

And she now has a "preexisting condition."

À propos of this turn of events, here's a snippet of the message MRS MSG McG sent me:
"It is really painful right now. I have to give myself shots in the stomach daily to keep my blood thinned, so I don't end up with blood clots. I know with God's help I will make it. The hardest part is with our insurance gone, I get no P.T., no in home health, nothing. Good thing I have God on my side. Please continue to keep me in your prayers."
It's so comforting to know how many of my compatriots "support the troops" while letting travesties such as this occur, isn't it?

Her husband has been to combat in Iraq THREE TIMES, and this is how we treat him and his family!

"... with our insurance gone, I get no P.T., no in home health, nothing."

Wow. I guess I'm very biased (this is, after all, just my *unofficial* opinion), perhaps because I felt so well-protected by then-SFC McG during our 169 religious support missions via air and almost four dozen via convoy when we were Down Range, so perhaps that's why this situation REALLY riles me up.

Then again, it may just be that I'm so upset about this because the simple fact that this has happened is unconscionable in excelsis. Moreover, the number of my own Soldiers who have no jobs to go home to in California, at this point -- and who may well wind up in a plight similar to that of MRS MSG McG and her husband -- frightens and saddens and angers me, so that's undoubtedly stoking the fires of my indignation at my friends' predicament.

In the interest of civility, I'd better let it go at that... and to that end I pray: "May God bless all those responsible for this injustice with every gift I could wish for myself or for those I love most."

I will say, though, that if this lack of medical coverage is the "gratitude" mustered by those who "support the troops [and their families]," I shudder to think what their ingratitude might look like!

(However, from what I'm hearing on the airwaves these days and reading in print, at least we can thank God that all those in our country who *deserve* insurance and access to medical care -- only those who can afford them -- have them, right?)

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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seg said...

I understand your indignation, but from your blog posts, I understand they live in California correct? Do you know how much insurance costs for illegal immigrants in California? Public school education for illegal immigrants? Do you know how much the deficit is in California? In 2009 it was 24.3 BILLION dollars! There is no money for heroes such as the McGee's. Is there a Catholic church nearby with OT's/PT's who would donate their time to the McGee's? We do support our troops and those who deserve to get the medical care (such as the McGee's) should get it. Unfortunately politicians have taken our money and spent it on their agenda!

cptdrfrtim said...

seg: They actually live in Oklahoma, though MSG McG still belongs to the California Guard. They moved to OK three weeks before then-SFC McG was given less than a week's notice he was deploying (again!) to Iraq....

seg said...

Ok, (sorry poor attempt at humor, get it Ok-Oklahoma? Anyway Oklahoma has a 640 million dollar budget shortfall for FY 2010 (per the Sunshine Review). What about Medicaid? Are they eligible? What about the suggestion of an OT/PT in a nearby Catholic Church?

BroSteve said...

As a reader who stumbled upon Fr Tim's blog recently and reads for his interesting posts, I also agree with him on the access (or lack thereof) to insurance/health care. Sorry "Seg" but it sounds like you might have a job and health insurance at this time.(?)

I debate the issue with my (earthly) father on a regular basis. He says everyone has access to health care because emergency rooms cannot legally turn folks away. Of course that argument is silly but he (and I hate to get into politics here) is a staunch "independent," i.e., "neo-conservative," and tea-party supporter.

His main argument is "the deficit" and "illegal aliens" as well. As you might guess (from this comment), I disagree with him. My position is purely from a "humanitarian" point-of-view, which I also like to consider the "Christian" way.

After all, I don't see Jesus denying folks decent health care because of "deficit" issues or because maybe they happened to be in the *Holy lands* in an undocumented status.

Keep up the good work Fr Tim.

P.S., I live in Kentucky and have no connection with Fr. Tim or the Army.

seg said...

Hey Bro Steve, I lost my father a few years ago, may I adopt yours? He sounds like my kind fella. Your argument is a "strawman" type argument. Ok does not have the money. Where do you propose to get the money? "Humanitarian" had nothing to do with it. Your father is correct about the emergency rooms and care. My point is why do you thing the federal government needs to be the great father and pay for it? What happened to solving your own problems and taking responsibility for your own decisions? Again, ref your argument, you fail to point out the holes in my support of contacting the local Catholic Church and getting medical professional volunteers to help Mrs McGee. They are there. We have them in our church! This way the people CHOOSE how to spend their time and money and dont have the government taking it from them "at the point of a gun" .
By the way, I am a small business person who cannot afford health insurance for myself or my employees. I dont expect or want the Feds to get involved in my life. My wife and I make our decisions and take responsibility for them. I expect my employees to so the same. I am not affiiated with the insurance gaency either. Do you realize what the profit margin is for health insurance companies? anywhere from 2-4%. Why arent we going after Microsoft? What is their profit margin? Over 30%! Take care of your dad, you wil miss him when he is gone even if you guys do argue. A day doesnt go by when I dont think about mine.

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