Saturday, March 13, 2010

Prayers for MSG McG

I learned two nights ago that my Chaplain Assistant from Iraq, now-MSG McG, was in a head-on automobile accident that night. His car was a total loss.

From what I've found out so far, he has a broken ankle, and some other injuries, though I don't know the extent of them.  I only know that he'll be OK, eventually.

As you might remember from the post I wrote about his wife's total knee replacement, as of the first of this month, he and his wife have no medical insurance. She's been trying to rehab her knee on her own, without benefit of physical therapy, since they can't afford it.

With MSG McG unable to work for the time being (I assume), this could get really ugly, really fast, I'm afraid.

That we as a nation would let our (three-time) combat veterans face destitution like this shames us all.

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Kanani said...

I'm so sorry about this. They're facing absolute financial devastation. FYI, I quit physical therapy on "my new left foot" after 8 weeks, where I just felt demoralized. I went to a yoga studio, had a one-time session with a private teacher, then started to buy books, DVD's and also enrolled in a yoga studio. After a year, I greatly increased my flexibility. It also has done wonders for my outlook.
Maybe she can look into doing something similar with her knee.

seg said...

I am sorry to hear about MsgMcG, we will pray for he and his wife. On the other hand, asking the government to bail him out is part of the problem. If you have to use the government, why can't he use the VA? And if the VA doesn't have the money then we have spread our government too thin to support the veterans? Also what is the neighboring Catholic Church doing for the veterans?

Kanani said...

I'm assuming MSG McG is no longer in the military, correct? Still, he should be able to utilize the VA. However, this won't help with the costs incurred with the ER and subsequent hospital stay. Ask his wife to request a conference with the hospital social worker, who will try to find options for them. I have this feeling that they fall between all sorts of gaps when it comes to medical coverage. I could go into them, but I won't.

If he's working, he should also be able to apply for state disability. Knock wood, he and his wife will be able to piece something together.
When the bills come in, he should also negotiate with the hospital and every doctor for a better rate. Believe me, he can do this.

Seg, To say the VA is too spread out and question whether or not we should extend healthcare to our veterans is wrong. When a person decides to defend and protect their country, there is a covenant between them and the government.

Our men and women serve with honor, integrity and faith. Many of them experience life altering incidents while in service. While we don't like to talk about them, they are a reality. One trip through a VA, a WTU, or Walter Reed will show you this.

Therefore, they deserve the same honor, integrity and faith extended to them by us through our lawmakers who vote on issues like VA health care funding. What they don't deserve is to be pulled into a philosophical debate that quickly turns polemic.

There is much to do in the way of improving VA services. And this has to be a commitment made to streamline the bureaucracy, and insist on not just talking about high standards, but implementing them consistently.

There are many private organizations, some faith based, others not, that help fill in the gaps left by governmental agencies. The magnitude of the issues faced by veterans is one that is often met by a combination of both. However, this does not excuse the government (us) from not living up to its (our) covenant.

SEG said...

Tim brought up the issue in the first place. I just suggested they look to the VA.Please reread what I wrote - I never suggested we Not provide for our Veterns. On the contrary my point is that we cannot adequately provide for our Vetrans as they deserve BEcause the government is doing too much for everyone else. Oh, and the government is NOT us! We elect them and they are supposed to represent us - we are a republic not a democracy. So we are in agreement that the church Should be involved as well. Regards, SEG

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