Sunday, March 15, 2009


SFC McG and I finally managed to get out to one of the posts in our Area of Operations (AO) that I've been attempting to visit since the beginning of December. One of the other priests was able to get there in January while I was home on leave, but that meant that they had had only one Mass in four months' time by the time I arrived this week.

The place is difficult to get to, and -- it seems right now -- even more difficult to return from.

SFC McG and I are stranded here because of conditions that do not permit safe movement through the air or via ground convoy. This is a bit frustrating, but seeing as they've gone so long without benefit of a priest, I'm making the best of it.

It would be more comfortable had I brought more than just one change of undergarments (and if there weren't so much dust in the air; it's raining mud again)!

Because of getting stranded, I have very little internet access (I cannot access my blog, for example) and no phone access to the States. Our living accommodations are splendid, however, and the welcome we've received has been gracious and enthusiastic. We've certainly been stranded elsewhere under much harsher conditions, and without the graciousness we've been afforded here!

All this is to say that my updates to the blog may take some time to get posted....

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ
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Anonymous said...

Do you s'pose now Father, that when Himself wants you to be somewhere nurturing His children, your brothers and sisters, that He can speed up and delay transportation... Having taken Step 3, many times, I find myself re-directed, delayed, and otherwise put where I seemingly am needed more times than not :-)

Blessings on you and all the ones you serve there in Mesopotamia, the land of dust and sunsets!!

Love 'n hugs
msg :-) aka MaryShiels

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