Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring flora

As SFC McG and I were running around the battlespace celebrating Holy Week and Easter, here are some of the flowers I noticed.

Most of them are very small, which is probably not a surprise in a climate that can get to be very inhospitable, to say the least. Had I not specifically been looking for them, I'd have missed many of them, because they are so small, in fact.

However, the weather was gorgeous -- not unlike a balmy spring day in California -- and we had arrived in plenty of time to do Mass, and then eat dinner, before flying back "home" for the evening.

So I went prowling around the base (near what used to be called the "Triangle of Death" as it turns out) looking for signs of new life, seeing as it's Passover and Easter time. (My Orthodox friends will be observing Holy Week this week, so let's keep them in mind.)

To give an idea of the small scale of the small scale of these organisms, one can see part of my finger in the photograph of the yellow flowers (members of the Cruciferae [mustard] family).

All the rest of the flowers pictured here are about the same size.

The white ones at the top are a Eucalypt of some sort, and a member of the lily family (left, and right, respectively). Following the mustard are two wild geraniums (right, then left). Finally, on the right is a member of the carrot family (Queen Ann's lace).

If you use your mouse to click on any of the photographs, you'll be able to see a larger, more detailed image.

Glory be to God for the beauties of creation....

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ
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Anonymous said...

Pretty nice pictures (of flowers and bugs) for someone with a tremor! Thanks for sharing! Donna

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