Sunday, January 03, 2010

He's baaaack!

SPC C got back from his trip home for R & R Friday night. Finally.

My Rent-A-Chaplain-Assistant, SSG L, has been great, but he's no "mega me". There's something oddly comforting about having a Chaplain Assistant who dwarfs me. Literally. It was fun to run around with SSG L, but I'm very glad to have SPC C back.

He was *very* much looking forward to getting home to the States for a break, and with good reason.

SPC C got married to his sweetheart of five years while we were on our four-day pass from Summer Camp - North prior to our shipping out to Summer Camp - Über Alles at the end of September. He and his lovely bride didn't get much of a honeymoon, to say the least.

When the possible dates for leave were announced, SPC C was right there to put in his request. After an initial semi-disappointment, a new, earlier date opened up, and SPC C managed to snag a seat on the first plane out of here for leave.

But didn't tell Mrs SPC C.

He told everyone else in his family. And hers.

But not his wife.

You should have seen his excitement as he hatched a plan to surprise her!

In cahoots with everyone else, SPC C concocted a story in which his bride would show up at the airport to "pick up his grandparents" who were "coming home from a trip to Germany." He was positively giddy in the anticipation and stress.

The surprise hinged on the ability of everyone involved being able to keep a secret. From what I could tell, *he* was having a significantly difficult time keeping his mouth shut about the plan.

However, everyone played his/her part perfectly, and Mrs SPC C showed up at the correct airport at the appointed time. SPC C's plane was not (very) late, and he spotted her from afar, at the end of the concourse, waiting.

She was intent upon not missing his grandparents.

She was so focussed on her mission that SPC C managed to get less than ten feet in front of her and she still hadn't noticed him.

Now, this is no mean achievement, given how generously-proportioned he is. He's a tree!

He stopped in front of her, raised his arm and waved at her amusedly, saying, "Hi, Honey! It's me!!"

She gasped, turned and ran about ten feet away from him, and started bawling. Loudly, to hear him tell it.

I'm led to believe it took several days for her anger toward everyone else in both families to subside.

Ah! Young love!

New Year's Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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BW said...

GREAT story! :)

Unknown said...

It will be a story they will tell their grandchildren, and by then Mrs. will have forgiven him :-)))

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