Thursday, March 25, 2010

Can you believe it?

I found out that MSG McG (my Chaplain Assistant while I was in Iraq), who broke his ankle rather severely in an auto accident not too long ago, doesn't even have a real cast on his leg; he just has a "boot" such as what I had after my ankle surgery. It turns out he needs surgery, but without *medical* insurance, he can't get it without shelling out $1200 up front -- for starters!

Just to *consult* with a surgeon.

It seems no orthopedic surgeon will accept the *automobile* insurance he has; he can only be reimbursed after the fact.

I sure am glad the health insurance situation in this country is in such good shape that it doesn't need any overhaul!!

This angers me beyond words.

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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seg said...

Again, if he is going tobe reimbursed, go ahead and have the expense so he can be reimbursed. Also, is there an appropriate doctor in the local Catholic church who will donate his/her time to help the Sgt? Also why do you resent the fact the doctor should be paid for his time? The doctor worked hard for the knowledge and his specialty and deserves to be compensated. If Sgt McG cannot afford it, even though he can because insurancewill reimburse him, it is not the doctor's fault.

Kanani said...

Has he signed up for Medicaid? He and his family should qualify.
A consult shouldn't be more than $200. What I'd do (if they're reading) is call the orthopedic surgeon up and talk to the office manager.

Tell them you're out of the Army without Tricare, and you've been in an accident. Would they accept $125 cash for a consult?

Then take it from there. Chances are the surgeon will work out something. Your friend will probably have to call a few, but he'll find one.

Kanani said...

On second thought, offer them $85. Give me a holler if they need help.

seg said...

Excellent suggestions Kanani!

seg said...

In addition, the latest VFW magazine states the following: The White proposed a $125 billion dollar budget for the VA in 2011. %60 billion for health care and $65 for disability compensation and pensions.

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