Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Feast of St. Joseph the Worker

SSG L and I went to a town now far from here, to the Church of St. Joseph, to celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker on 01 MAY. We'd thought for a time we'd not be able to go, because my Battalion had scheduled a cookout for that morning, but for some reason, the "good idea fairy" lost out, and we didn't have Battalion-level 'organized joy'.

That left me free to get off Post.

It's still a bit odd doing such travels without SPC C, but since he's officially off-mission now, I have to rent a Chaplain Assistant if I go outside the gate.

SSG L hadn't been to that church yet, so he was pretty jazzed about the opportunity.

Now that I think of it, SSG L has had a couple of "firsts" just in the last two trips he and I have taken: his first rides on a Blackhawk helicopter, and his first trip up to the town we visited (and to Jozefi's Restaurant, about which I've written before).

It was a beautiful, sunny late morning. The church was packed with people, and I understood very little of what my fellow priests were saying as we prayed the liturgy. The choir director insisted that I sing something a cappella during Communion, and I suspect not many of those present understood the words I was singing. Turn-about is fair play, I guess.

After Mass, we ate lunch in the rectory and then went to Jozefi's Restaurant for coffee.


Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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