Saturday, July 03, 2010

Twenty-five years ago

I've heard from a number of friends of mine from all over the country who go to a lot of AA and Al-Anon meetings that they're in San Antonio at the moment. It seems as though this year AA is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its founding, so sober drunks from all over the world are gathering in San Antonio to party down.

Sober of course.

Hearing about this giant confab of people in recovery reminded me that twenty-five years ago I found myself in Montreal, Canada the same weekend that AA was celebrating its 50th sober birthday.

What a coincidence, eh?

I normally don't like crowds. That weekend, wherever I went, there were hordes of people from all over the world who had large red or blue (or red and blue) name tags on, which listed their first name and last initial. (I guess that's because of the whole anonymity thing.)

Much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed being around them, and despite my inveterate shyness, I found myself striking up conversations with complete strangers. I met folks from all over the world that weekend. It was great.

I even ran into friends of mine from the States, whom I didn't know were going to be up there that weekend. What a surprise! One of them dragged me to the closing ceremony of their conference, in the domed stadium which was packed with people. That was quite an experience.

I suspect my friends in San Antonio will be having even more fun there than I had in Montreal.

Hooray for the Higher Power!

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ
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