Friday, February 01, 2013

Some prayer requests

I just spoke with my cousin Gail (well, she's actually married to my first cousin Mike, but I consider her to be in every way my cousin, as well), and it seems Mike has been admitted to the V.A.  This is a very, very, very good thing, and his being there borders on the miraculous.  Please keep those (deliciously subversive) prayers, good thoughts, etc., coming!

Secondly, I found out today that Mrs. MSG McG, the patient and delightful wife of my erstwhile Chaplain Assistant in Iraq, has had some serious oral surgery today, and is in a great deal of pain.  If you could remember her (and her husband, MSG McG) in your prayers, I'd really appreciate it.

Last, but not least - at least for now! - please remember my parents in your prayers.  My last two deployments occasioned a great deal of stress in their lives, and the news of this third deployment has occasioned proportionately more.  They've been incredibly supportive of me in whatever I've done -- in particular, this latest season of my life in which I joined the military in my dotage -- so I figure I'll attempt to enlist you, gentle readers, to be their spiritual battle buddies while I'm riding off into the sunrise yet again.

Many, many thanks to you for your kindnesses!

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ
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Mary Coady said...

Prayers on their way for the McGs, especially Mrs. McG.

Count me in for regular prayers for your parents--and for you.

cptdrfrtim said...

Thanks, Mary! Blessings to you.

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