Saturday, December 05, 2009

Thanksgiving pix

Last year, when then-SFC McG and I were in Iraq, there were signs posted all around each of the DFACs threatening grave consequences for using a camera in any Dining Facility. Because someone had once brought explosives into a DFAC, hidden in a backpack (the subsequent explosion of which caused death and destruction), no one was permitted to bring a bag of any kind into DFACs, as well.

As it turns out, that latter prohibition was not quite absolute, in my experience, because then-SFC McG and I brought my Chaplain kits (two fairly small, olive-drab shoulder bags) into one DFAC many Sunday nights so I could do Mass there.

But that's not really relevant to anything concerning this present blog post....

We're not allowed to bring bags into the DFACs here in Kosovo, either. But we seem to be able to bring -- and use -- cameras. I noticed this last week as I saw lots of people photographing the rather extravagant display set up in the DFAC I usually frequent.

When I eat, of course. Food is, after all, a crutch.

The civilians who work in the DFAC seem to have expended a lot of time and energy trying to dress up the place for the American holiday. Outside, they'd set up what was presumably a chicken coop. Funnily enough, the two chickens out there were larger than the turkey they flanked.

Inside, the workers went bonkers with displays involving fruits and ice sculptures and breads and sheet cakes.

The colors were festive, and it really brightened up the place.

Their efforts were very commendable and appreciated, but Dorothy was correct: there's no place like home.

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Unknown said...

Definitely NOT California style, but a grand feast nevertheless! They did a lot of hard work, there.

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