Friday, August 15, 2008

SFC McG's Birthday

I just realized that SFC McG has a birthday next week, so if you wanted to drop him a birthday card (hint, hint) c/o me, and you don't have my snail-mail address, just write me at cptdrfrtim a t gmail d o t com (you know how to put that together; I'm trying to avoid spambots scavenging my address!), and I'll email it to you.

Just put "SFC McG" in the lower left corner of the envelopeyou then send via snail-mail, and I'll see that he opens it.

His presence here with me is a blessing beyond measure.

I suspect it's really difficult for him to be away from his family, and being surprised by cards from folks he doesn't even know might help.


Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Sal Giambanco said...

Dear Fr. Timothy -- the entire Giambanco and Perrault clans are praying for you and for all our brave men and women who are serving their country. Thank you to you and to them. Godspeed, Sal and Tom.

Dana Michael Krull said...

CH Meier,
We miss you brother. MAJ Harrell pointed all the chaplain folks in our brigade to your blog, so I'll be keeping up with you. We pray God's blessings and protection over you and your UMT and that He will magnify your ministries for Christ.
In Him,
CPT Dana Krull

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