Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Here on post there's an irrigation canal (I suppose) that runs between the living areas (the Containerized Housing Units -- known as CHUs) and the dining facility (DFAC). There are several small bridges crossing the canal, one of which is near the DFAC.

Beneath that particular bridge there's a huge school of carp, along with more turtles than I've seen in one place, other than at a zoo. The fish hang out there because Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen (and presumably Coasties, if we had any here) will often throw food off the bridge to them.

This is especially the case in the mornings, because the DFAC makes it really easy to feed the fish by providing cereal in individual servings, which are easily removed from the premises. Cheerios are a favorite -- presumably of the fish, too.

This morning, as SFC McG and I were leaving (at 0600) the DFAC, there was a gaggle of Soldiers on the bridge feeding the fish. One guy, with Cheerios, was rooting for the small turtles to get the proffered goodies.

More often than not, if the little turtles were able to grab a bit of cereal, some fish would come and practically bite the turtle's head off, stealing the food right out of the little one's mouth.

Life is so often like that, isn't it?

However, the Soldier rooting for the little turtles chuckled a bit and said, "Though they're not doing so well now, they do have an advantage over the fish."

He then threw the Cheerios closer and closer to the bank of the canal, with the little turtles swimming closer and closer to the edge of the water. He finally threw some of the cereal on the bank itself and smiled.

"The fish won't be able to get those, but my turtles will."

God is often like that with us, too.

I hope you find God's Cheerios on the bank of your canal today.
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Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Unknown said...

Find God in all things.

You never cease to amaze me.

Take care of yourself, and happy (late) Transfiguration.

Luis Carlos Montalvan said...

Dear Fr. Tim,

We're throwing some cheerios to some of the Iraqi refugees here in Amman but there are so many.

God-willing, our efforts in D.C. and in the press with help contribute to a miracle of cheerios falling from the sky onto the banks for these poor, poor blessed people.

Love an light,

AggieFNP said... have the soul of a poet, but then again, being a scientist, you can appreciate the wisdom and humor of our Higher my Budhist sponsor tells me..."If you can't get your arms around the fact that our Higher Power loves us, but also loves to laugh and sometimes he gets a great big belly laugh at the things we do while trying to discern His will for us." Stay safe, spred some of God's Cheerios among those who need them...We are still loving and praying for you.

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