Tuesday, September 02, 2008


For reasons quite unclear to me, I'm often very aware of the passage of time, particularly as it's marked by anniversaries. Perhaps this has something to do with having been raised in a religious tradition in which almost every day "belongs" to someone who's dead.

It gets confusing, of course, with someone like St. Christopher -- remember him? When I was young, it seemed as though everyone I knew had a St. Chris medal in the car.

Chris was traditionally the patron of safe travel.

Back when I was about 13 years old, his feast was removed from the Roman calendar of saints, presumably because it was decided that there just wasn't enough known about the historicity of the guy (maybe the notion that he was a dog-headed cannibal by some reckonings might have had something to do with that) to encourage such an official commemoration.

This action on the part of Rome caused a lot of confusion and hurt feelings, and that's just talking about poor St. Christopher's response....

(Technically speaking, for all others who still feel annoyed by that turn of events, Chris is still listed in the Roman Martyrology for 25 July and venerated publicly by the Orthodox on 09 May.)

I've actually thought for a long time now that St. Martin of Tours should apply for the job of "patron of safe travel" -- or at least of "patron of travel agents." (Tours. Get it?)

Marty's actually venerated as the patron saint of Soldiers, so I suppose he might be too busy for some other responsibilities, and given my station in life these days, that's probably a good thing.

But I digress. Fr. Tom W accuses me of being easily distracted by sparkly things. I guess maybe he's on to something.

In any event, as I was writing before I so rudely interrupted myself, I'm very aware of the passage of time, marked by various anniversaries. Mike, Dorothea's husband (see an earlier blog post about Dorothea), had his birthday on 26AUG08. My friend CPT M just had his two-year sober birthday on 27AUG08, which was also the 28-month anniversary of my friend Sam getting sober. My friend Greg celebrated his natal birthday that same day. Michael K died on 29AUG97, and my friend Steve C got sober on 01SEP04.

My sister Ann celebrates her 50th birthday this coming Sunday, so be sure to give her a shout out about that!

I even know how many days it's been since my SCUBA buddy Brian died (2345 -- nice number, eh?).

All of this is to say that 03SEP08 marks 30 years since I joined the Society of Jesus.

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Victoria Thorne said...

Father Tim--
I've done some reading on this, and medical studies actually seem to have proven that our bodies remember these anniversaries, even when our minds are elsewhere...at least, that's what I seem to remember...

Surely, I think, the Holy Spirit knows/reminds us of these things, also, and in doing so allows us to dwell in a sweet unity with those we love and remember.

Blessings to you and those you watch and tend.

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