Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mrs. SFC McG!!

Tomorrow, Monday, is Mrs. SFC McG's birthday. Hooray!! Please remember her in your thoughts and prayers, if you'd be so kind.

She and I have not yet met, but I feel as I know her pretty well, if for no other reason that SFC McG talks about her so much, and with such affection and longing. The two of them have been married a long time, and though life has put them through the wringer far too often, they've come through it all with dignity and grace and an ever-deeper love for each other.

It's a blessing to behold.

SFC McG has spent the lion's share of the last five years being deployed, twice now to Iraq and quite a long time on Active Duty with the Army National Guard. When this country has asked SFC McG to be of service, both he and Mrs. SFC McG have not wavered or hesitated, but have responded with generosity and enthusiasm.

Most recently, just days after moving his family half-way across the country, SFC McG found himself asked by the Guard, "Are your 'A' and 'B' bags packed?" His answer: "Of course." He was about to finish up the Active Duty mission he'd been on for the better part of two years, and actually get to spend a few months at home (in their new location) with his wife, before shipping off to another overseas mission with the Guard.

Instead, within a week of that question, he was at Summer Camp - South with me, training up for the mission here Down Range.

Mrs. SFC McG just took it in stride, as it seems she's always done.

She's every bit the hero her husband is.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. SFC McG! Thank you for your sacrifices on behalf of your nation. Thank you for supporting your husband -- once again so far away, and in harm's way -- with such a loving heart.

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. SFC McG! And thank you for sharing SFC McG to look after Tim. You really are a hero!

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