Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mom: Update 04 (plus: Aunt Pat, Elaine W, and Mrs. SFC McG!)

I spoke with my mother, my Aunt Pat, and my friend Elaine this weekend, and all seem to be doing spectacularly well.

Mom is tooling around the house with the aid of a walker (and the watchful eye of my father). It seems she's doing "laps" from the bedroom through one part of the living room into the kitchen, then out through the dining room into the other part of the living room and back toward the hall near the bedroom, where she pivots (pirouettes?) back toward the kitchen.

She described what the surgeon had done to her back in some detail, but I was frankly a bit grossed out, so I'll spare you the details....

Many thanks for all your prayers on her behalf!

Aunt Pat -- having suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurysm six weeks ago, and having opened her eyes just as the docs were going to remove the life support equipment while all the women from her religious community were in her hospital room, praying -- sounded terrific, if a bit weak, when I spoke with her for a few minutes by phone.

What a miracle she is!

Aunt Pat is presently in a rehab facility where she's up and walking and re-learning to do tasks that most of us take for granted. She has a steady stream of visitors from her religious community, including Aunt Loretta (we adopted her) who schleps down from Albany by train every weekend to visit Aunt Pat. Thank you all for your continuing prayer support!

Elaine W, who has some pretty radical cancer surgery a little over two weeks ago is back to being herself, which is a delight. A couple of times now, including this weekend, I've called and she's admitted to being very "cross" or "vexed" or "vituperative."

('Vituperative'? Sheesh. I think she's spending too much time talking with me.)

I tell her she's just being crabby, and that it's really cute. Inevitably I'll say something outrageous enough that she'll start laughing. What a delight!

She's still having some significant pain in the vicinity of the incisions, so please keep sending good thoughts her way if you would. She visits the surgeon on Monday, and hopes to have some insight into what's going on at that point. I'll let you know!

Mrs. SFC McG, whose birthday was not long ago, continues to recover from her knee surgery. I get almost-daily updates on her progress from SFC McG, who speaks with her most nights and some mornings (our time, anyway!).

I sent her a small gift for her birthday and got back an email which read, in part, "You're fired," so I'm still piecing all that together. (SFC McG says she fires him routinely, so I guess it means I'm part of the family now, or something.)

In any event, continued prayers on her behalf are greatly appreciated.

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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