Friday, January 23, 2009

Travel Schedule

I posted yesterday about my recent return to this combat zone, and since it sounded perhaps a bit more curmudgeon-y than usual (hard to do, I know), I thought I might give some insight into just what I was dealing with, for whatever it's worth...

Here's a timeline of my recent travel, with all times converted to Greenwich Mean Time minus 8 hours, since that's the time zone from which I started out:

Since I can only sleep in a moving vehicle if I'm driving, I didn't get much in the way of sleep while I was on any aircraft, busses, or in any waiting areas at airports during this trip. I did, however, get to travel on the biggest military aircraft I've been on to date, so that was interesting and fun. It also turns out that my new boss was traveling on the same plane, though we only met upon arriving here Down Range where we'll both be living and working.

SFC McG had gotten to the office at 0330 Down Range time just to be sure he'd be there in case I called for a ride. I called at 0540. It was great to see SFC McG again when he picked me up about 30 minutes later. How blessed am I, anyway?

I'm grateful for the trip home, and as I was walking to the shower trailer after I got back, it seemed more than a bit weird being back here in Iraq. But I am glad to be back, and I am very grateful to be back safely. Here's hoping I can continue to be of service to Soldiers and others who deserve spiritual and psychological solace, and challenge.

Thank you, gentle readers, for your continuing prayerful support of SFC McG, my Soldiers and me!

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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1776 said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading it.

I am sure it's good you are back.

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