Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Joke

So many people have commented (or written directly to me) that I should just come clean with the joke I'd mentioned in an earlier post ("Convoy") that I've decided to sanitize it rather dramatically for your protection.

Feel free to insert 'flowery' language as you deem (in)appropriate.

A dog trainer had a special hunting dog he hated to sell, but needed to because of the recent economic downturn and his now-dire financial situation. He wanted $50,000 for the dog, and advertised it as the smartest animal he'd ever seen. (Amazing what one can find on, eh?)

A guy shows up one Saturday to look at the dog, and they all go out hunting. At the edge of a woods, the trainer releases the dog, it races into the woods, there's lots of commotion, and then the dog comes out, sits at its master's feet, and paws the ground three times with his right paw. The trainer gives him a doggie treat.

The man asks, "What's up with the treat?" The trainer tells the man, "He's gotten three bunnies in the woods." The guy says, "Yeah. Right."

But they go into the woods, and darn if the dog hadn't gotten three bunnies.

The man leaves afterward saying, "I've got to think about this."

He comes back the next weekend, saying he couldn't stop thinking about the dog, but figuring the dog's performance the previous weekend was just a fluke. "Fifty grand is a LOT of money for a mutt," said he.

Off to a different woods. Dog released. Big commotion. Dog comes back, paws the ground five times. Man says, "I guess that means he's found five bunnies?"

He had.

The man was convinced, and bought the dog.

The next weekend he comes back, dog in tow. He's livid.

He yells at the trainer, "I want my money back! This dog is just completely crazy! I want my money back!"

The trainer tells the guy, "Calm down, and tell me exactly what happened."

"I went hunting this morning, released the dog, and there was a HUGE commotion in the woods. The dog came back with a dead branch in his mouth, and started "attacking" [wink, wink] my leg while whipping his head back and forth furiously."

The trainer smiled and laughed, and said, "Sir, the dog's not crazy! What we have here is a failure to communicate! The dog was telling you

[scroll down]

there were more [redacted] bunnies in the woods than you could shake a stick at!"

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ
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