Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Promotional Consideration

The promotion board considering Army National Guard candidates for Master Sergeant is meeting this week. Please remember SFC McG (and the members of that board) in your thoughts and prayers, if you'd be so kind!

I'm really hoping that being saddled with a lowly (curmudgeonly, clueless, and cranky) O-3 Chaplain isn't going to hurt his chances. (By rights, given my rank, I should have a Private (E-2), Private First Class (E-3), or perhaps Specialist (E-4) as my Chaplain Assistant; SFC McG (E-7) got stuck with me because the Army realized how "ate up" (a common Army phrase) I am, or something. It's not exactly a plum assignment!)

SFC McG has provided excellent support to me; he's a wonderful Chaplain Assistant. Perhaps more importantly, he's been an awesome mentor to the other, more junior, Chaplain Assistants we've encountered in our travels. It's a delight to watch him interact with them, always complimenting them on what they've done well, and challenging them in his gentle (but not subtle!) manner on what can be improved.

From my perspective, I can't imagine anyone more accomplished or more deserving of this recognition.

Thank you for your continuing spiritual support of us Down Range, and especially in this matter.

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ
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Robin in Ohio said...

Go, SFC McG!! :-) We're all behind you, Sergeant!!

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