Saturday, June 20, 2009

Non sequitur

Completely à propos de rien, SFC McG and I were in the NTV (non-tactical vehicle) coming back from elsewhere last night (this is a VERY big military installation!), and were traveling with the windows down.

There wasn't much dust (note that I wrote "much"), and the breeze was actually pleasant.

Given how hot it's getting to be during the days around here now (if there's not a huge amount of dust in the air, which actually tends to cool things off significantly -- if you call moderating the temperature from 116 degrees Fahrenheit down to 100 degrees signficant, and I do!), it felt good to be traveling with the windows open.

Feeling grateful for the breeze, I glanced over at the thermometer in the dashboard. It's usually quite accurate, from what I can tell.

During the day lately, it's not surprising to see it at 43 or 44 or even 46 degrees Celsius (we're not in Kansas, Toto, after all). That's 109.4 111.2, and 114.8 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. When SFC McG and I arrived in August last year, the temperatures reached a lot higher during the day, so this heat, while stifling, is a piece of cake.

I saw that the thermometer read 35 (95 degrees, Fahrenheit).

Amazing that 95 can feel cool, eh?

A non sequitur to be sure, but there you have it.

(I am sure the gratitude helped. It always does.)

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Anonymous said...

We wanted to wish you a Happy Father's Day Father Tim. Hang in there-your time in the great sandbox is almost done!

Bill Cleveland said...

I love reading your blog Tim as it helps me to feel close to you. I can almost feel the brown dust. I'm sitting here at home waiting for my kids to come over for Father's Day and feeling extremely grateful that they have a father to come over and spend time with. Being one of your friends who goes to a lot of meetings I have met a bunch of people like yourself that have a zest for life and a willingness to share it. Thank you so much for your service to all of us. I try my best to do the same. Thank God I don't have to do all those Masses! It is a group effort getting us through life and I am so glad that I and many others are part of your group.

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