Monday, July 27, 2009

I love my job! (Part One)

The other night, after a long day, I was really looking forward to getting a shower and going to sleep.

I'd power-walked up the hill to the chow hall (about 1.5 miles) at 0600 and then power-walked back to the barracks, despite a couple of offers of a ride, accompanied by quizzical looks from the occupants of each vehicle.

I went out to the ranges (M-9 [pistols] and M-4 [rifles]) a couple of times, where it was beastly hot, and reminiscent of Iraq. Though I was in full battle-rattle, I wasn't carrying around a rifle and/or pistol, and neither did I have any ammunition. The Soldiers on the firing lines got a lot hotter and sweatier and more tired than I did, that's for sure!

After I treated my new Chaplain Assistant (SPC C) to lunch, I had to go do some interminably long online Army certification courses, which was at least in a hyper-cool room.

Later, SPC C and I ate chow up at ConMess (Consolidate Mess) and then I returned to the ranges one more time to do a field liturgy while Soldiers finished up their daytime qualifications and then waited around for night to fall. We had twenty show up for the service, which delighted me.

After returning from the range, I convinced (read: coerced) SPC C to don his battle-rattle and power-walk the perimeter of the parade field (just over 2 miles) with me. Wearing the body armor slowed my pace by about 10 percent from what it had been in the morning, sadly. I'll have to work on that!

I'd just gotten back to the barracks and was about to hit the showers when a Soldier burst into the room asking whether the Chaplain were around. He seemed a bit agitated, and said he had a Soldier from another unit who was in his vehicle who needed to talk.

While I was *really* looking forward to cleaning up and getting to sleep, I threw my uniform back on and followed the NCO out of the barracks.

I love my job!

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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