Monday, November 09, 2009

More Letnica photos

Here are some photos from our trips to Letnica over the past week.  If you click on them, you'll be able to see enlarged versions of them.

Here, for example is an interior shot of the church building.  There's a portrait of Mother Teresa near the front, on the right.  If you look closely, you'll probably be able to see it.  Then take a look at the vista from the front door, looking out to the valley below and the hills beyond.  It's the end of autumn here, so most of the deciduous trees in the area appear brown rather than green.

There are some flower pots at the edge of the plaza out front, with some flowers that are obviously well past their prime.  Despite the cold days and nights, there are still a hearty few, a faithful remnant as it were, that are blooming.

Life can be very tenacious, can't it?
There were even a swarm of bugs that had alighted on the front of the building, perhaps to sun themselves in the cold.  It was surprising, given the ambient temperature, to see so many of the critters present.

Now I know that bugs disgust or terrify some folks (and I admit to an aversion to spiders, myself), but these guys were pretty interesting.  To me, at least.  I'm no entomologist, but they look pretty similar to bugs I've seen back in the States....

There were also some sheep in the field right outside the church, in the amphitheatre where they undoubtedly celebrate Mass in the summer.

I love noticing little things....  As I've mentioned before, paying attention is quite an accomplishment for one who used to drink a lot!

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ


Unknown said...

Thank you for the tour, Tim. That is a simple, and beautiful church, set in lovely surroundings. I am very fond of observing the wee details, too. Every part of God's Universe, no exception, is a marvel!

Kevin B said...

That bug kind of looks like a box elder, doesn't it. We get a ton of those in the spring.

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