Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sticks and stones

Here are some more photos from our trip to the border earlier this week.

I found myself noticing the dried flowers and seeds in the vicinity of the overgrown cemetery. They seemed oddly fitting, somehow.

And also lovely in their own way.

I also noticed rocks strewn over the landscape, some of which had interesting shapes, textures, and colors.

Paying attention to things that other people probably don't really even see delights me. This may well have something to do with the sense of gratitude I always feel in the presence of unexpected and undeserved beauty.

My friends who go to a lot of AA and Al-Anon meetings tell me (constantly) that a grateful heart indicates conscious contact with a power greater than ourselves.

That works for me.

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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BroSteve said...

Greetings Fr. Tim,

I also enjoy looking at and photographing things with interesting shapes, colors, textures and the like.

But I was reminded that not all stop to see the beauty and appreciation for such things when, after I posted a picture of a group of rocks and sticks that fit the aforementioned description on Facebook, my (double-first) cousin said of the photo, "looks boring."

Keep up the good work.

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