Sunday, March 07, 2010

Haute Cuisine

Recently, SPC C and I had occasion to travel to another post here in Kosovo. It's run by one of our coalition partners. They have a reputation for wonderful food in their Dining Facility (DFAC) -- which is one of the reasons we stopped there!

The last time we'd been there, I had a lamb stew that was almost as good as the one my mother makes. That was only the second time I've had lamb in a military dining operation since I joined the Army three years ago.

I'd not planned on the lamb, of course. The menu posted at the entrance listed Cassolettes marquise as the featured course, though with mussels rather than crayfish tails. I was really looking forward to a good seafood stew!

But then I saw the lamb, and that was that!

One drawback of eating with our allies, though, is that food portions are rationed, so it wasn't an option to have *both* entrees. What a bummer!

I had my Cassolette the other night, along with an appetizer of fresh mussels, and side dishes of white basmati rice and fresh broccoli, incredible cheeses, splendid yogurt, and spectacular fresh bread. The chocolate cake with a vanilla drizzle for dessert defies description.

Where I usually eat, the food can't hold a candle to what SPC C and I had that night. I guess that's why they let us eat as much of it as we want....

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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