Monday, April 05, 2010

The heavens are telling the glory of God

Here are a few more flowers from our trip up the mountain about ten days ago.

Did you notice the ladybugs in this last photograph?

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Anonymous said...


No doubt it confuses people when I identify myself as a Catholic man, heh? I don't understand why people are so easily confused either. I miss you. Saw a colleague of yrs (Ursula) speak in MV. PA area is crazy, why don't you look a little further over the hill (although to me, fair friend, you never can look old). Clean sea air is better for the singer's lungs, and you deserve beauty after the hell you've seen. June can't come soon enough, PaiX pAIx pIxie st. lucien d'amour...

Anonymous said...


the tiny flower photos are just beautiful, they remind me of some of my own photos, i love the colors and the delicacy of the tiny petals and the perspective of looking closely at something so fragile and beautiful in the midst of conflict and big noises.
regarding innumerable thefts of valuable and necessary tools i have suffered over the last few years, i try to take heart from the epistle of barnabas quote at st. mary's in SF: "share with your neighbor whatever you have, and do not say of anything 'this is mine.' If you both share an imperishable treasure, how much more must you share what is perishable." And we do.

"little nicky" misses you as much as I do... but i think it's probably a better place for you than me (maybe we can guest-star in each others' parishes). i wish you were here, though, there is a friend who needs some hope and won't let love in the door. pray for him in your vast spare time, ok? -- brother ant isT (l'insect fragile) kmarkmac at yahoo

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