Monday, April 27, 2009

In-flight video....

I'd hoped to be able to take videos of various things here so that I could post them online for your amusement or edification, but alas! the really nice small videocam that I'd gotten for Christmas from my good pal Salvatore stopped recording video once I arrived here Down Range. Rats!

Especially annoying, as it was working when SFC McG and I were at Summer Camp before coming over here.

Anyway, my little digital camera will take one-minute video clips, so I decided to record for you a typical helicopter flight, as best I could.

I was seated facing the rear of the aircraft, next to the door. The window was not particularly clean, and the combination of the movement of the aircraft and my 'idiopathic benign essential tremor' makes for a somewhat jumpy final product.

However, when viewed in sequence, the nine minutes of video images give a fairly good impression of what the scenery is like that we flew over, getting to where we were going.

One can even see the CHU I live in (by pausing the first clip at oo:25), if one is into that sort of thing....

Here is the link to the page.

Because the files are so large, I wouldn't recommend attempting to view them unless you have a really fast internet connection. Additionally, they did not upload in order, and there appears to be no way to rearrange them once uploaded, so if you wanted to watch them according to the actual progress of the trip, you'll have to pay attention to the file names; the sequence starts with MVI_6726, and then moves to MVI_6727, MVI_6728, MVI_6729, MVI_6730, MVI_6731, MVI_6732, MVI_6733, and finally MVI_6734.

I attempted to keep the camera pointed at more or less the same angle throughout the trip, so the vista changes as the aircraft banks (penultimate video). In the same file, it's possible to see the shadow of the helicopter move across the landscape below.

For whatever it's worth....

Easter blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Bill Cleveland said...

I loved the helicopter ride! I so enjoy your blog Tim, it really brings the place home to me. It is no longer a place way over there where some stuff is going on that I see on the news or in the paper. Real people live there with a flora and fauna and graffiti just like here.

I lead a men's retreat in Big Bear, CA last weekend and thought about you and how much I've enjoyed your retreats over the years. You always shared a lot about yourself and not just information. I tried to do that this last weekend. To really connect with the people.

I feel comfort in knowing that I am following in your foot steps. I sure hope I don't have to go to Iraq though!

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