Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Easter flowers (and bugs)

It's already getting hot here (it was almost 105 degrees Fahrenheit a couple of days ago), so the tiny flowers I've been noticing of late will probably not hang around much longer, I suspect. The thistle below is the largest flower I've seen to date (and the thorniest!). There's a ladybug nestled within the flower sepals. Did you see it?

Given how monochromatic this place seemed when SFC McG and I arrived last August, it's a delight to find color anywhere. The purple of the thistle and the orange of the ladybug seem especially vibrant in this environment.

The blue of this really tiny flower is true to nature. I almost missed it, though, because it's so small. (I wish I'd brought along a dime to place alongside it, in order to give a sense of the scale involved here!)

The common house fly in the Queen Anne's Lace (probably some relation to Daucus carota, I imagine) caught my attention -- I really like the delicacy of the flower umbels (look it up!), and could definitely do without all the Musca domestica Linnaeus that bedevil us inside and outside buildings here Down Range! But I thought I'd photograph the fly anyway....

Finally, some sort of morning glory (Ipomea), I think. It's a rather spindly vine -- certainly not as robust as the morning glory vines I'm familiar with -- but has small and quite interesting flowers that close up in the evening (much like morning glories).

Easter blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful. I remember Joe finding green leaves, grass, and flowers to be so special during deployment. I hope you are well.

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