Tuesday, September 09, 2008


It's hard for me to believe that as of 10SEP08, I'll have 10593 days in a row being sober. That's just over 1513 weeks, or 348.29 months. Twenty-nine years. Wow.

But who's counting?

Many thanks to all those who have been with me as we "trudge the road of Happy Destiny." This could not have happened on my own.

What a miracle of God's grace, one day at a time! Hooray for the Higher Power!!

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Anonymous said...

Congrats, Timothy, on so many a-day-at-a-time's. Hope you will be able to read this, since it's been so very long. Though we rarely get to talk, be assured you are always close to my heart. With deepest respect for you and your chosen path, let me leave you with this blessing... "May God's hand always be between you and harm's way, in all the dark places you may walk."

George G.

p.s. A real snail-mail communique is in the works, soon to be on the way...

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on a significant milestone.

Jay S said...

Dear Tim,
Happy Birthday Brother Tim!
I am here in the Kalihi Valley with 60 of your brothers whom you have not met in the flesh and our mutual friend Chuck Painter. We will be having a time of silence for all of our friends and family that are serving.
Since I am the OG history guy we are going to be looking at the 4 absolutes and I am going to refer to you as a penultimate example of unselfishness.
You are very close to my heart and the gift of sharing that you have given me is being passed to others.
We have a party at my friend Hectors house the 1st Sunday in December each year for people who got sober in 1979. You really must come one of these years it just a hoot.

I'm of to bed but I'll send you more about the weekend if you wish.
I've never used a blog before so is there another address I should send this message since I won't be on topic?

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