Monday, September 08, 2008


Those of you who have been reading my blog know that I have been blessed beyond measure with having SFC McG as my Chaplain Assistant.

A Chaplain Assistant (MOS 56M; that is, in English: "Military Occupational Specialty, 56 Mike") is essentially a Chaplain's bodyguard when we're deployed in a war zone such as this. His job is to 'pack heat' for the two of us, since I'm a noncombatant and carry no weapons (other than my sharp tongue, I've been told).

To that end, he's armed and dangerous, and a very good shot. I have every confidence in him.

(You should know, however, that if/when we're "outside the wire," he's told me he'll shoot ME if I even attempt to do anything stupid (or even, brave, presumably). "I've been here twice already and brought my Chaplain home safely both times, so DON'T MAKE ME HURT YOU.")

Anyway, his lovely wife, Mrs SFC McG, is undergoing surgery on Tuesday, so please remember her and her medical team -- and SFC McG -- in your thoughts and prayers, if you'd be so kind. From what I can tell, their being separated at a time like this is yet one more sacrifice piled on top of so many other sacrifices on both their parts.

This is, after all, SFC McG's third deployment to Iraq....

I'd very much appreciate your spiritual assistance in this matter.

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Mrs SFC McG said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. It's got some interesting things in it.

It's funny, because I too could read before I started school. My grandparents taught me how when I was three years old.

I too am a huge fan of "A Wrinkle In Time." I had a Science teacher who read it to my class everday after lunch for half an hour. It's my most favorite book in the world! LOL! I can say that because I have ALOT of books!

My surgery went well. Thank you for all your prayers and concerns. My knee is healing and I'm doing better than I've done in quite awhile.

As far as SFC McG, you cannot ask for a better person to be with you. He "walks his talk" on a daily basis. He's an awesome husband who works hard to meet my emotional needs even though we're miles apart. He spoils me terribly! I must admit that it's very nice though. He's a teriffic Christian man whom people can depend on at any time, not just in times of need.

Yes, I am biased, but after 26 years of marriage, I think I'm allowed to be that way. LOL!

Yes, my husband is on his third tour in the great sandbox. But that's just because God seems to want him there. My husband is good about stepping out on faith and going where God leads. That's very important in a Christian leader.

I am thankful SFC McG is taking such good care of you. You should know that for the most part he is a peaceful individual, who will only resort to violence if left no other choice.

As crazy as it may sound, if you listen to what he has to say, you'll find yourself not only safe, but truly blessed.

May God grant y'all peace and safety.

In Christ,

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