Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Army Birthday

Today is the Army Birthday. I think it's almost as old as I am. At least, that's what my classmates in Chaplain Basic Training seemed to believe. (They wanted to know what George Washington was *really* like, for example.)

It's also Flag Day.

I knew the 14th of June was Flag Day long before I realized it was also the Army Birthday.

I was ordained priest on Flag Day 1991.

It was beastly hot in Detroit that weekend (a portent of things to come?), and I had really long hair at the time. In fact, when my official ordination photo was taken a few weeks earlier, I had a pony tail, but the photographer (a Jesuit who'd been a Marine in a former life, and who went on to become an Active Duty Army Chaplain after 9/11) managed to pose me in such a way that my pony tail did not appear in any of the photos.

I had no idea it was the Army Birthday.

I also had no idea at the time that eighteen years later to the day I'd be observing the Army Birthday qua deployed Soldier.

Who knew?

Happy Army Birthday to all my Army buddies and their families!

Blessings and peace to one and all,

Fr. Tim, SJ

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Fr. Tim - my, what good broughtens up you have! I received your thank-you note in last week's snailmail. It was a nice surprise, and it is always good to have confirmation that packages to Iraq or Afghanistan reach their addressee. I'm sorry about the job situation - we just had layoffs (after months of waiting) in the Engineering Dean's Office -- I'm sorry for those who were let go and a little sorry for those who remain and will be picking up the work. We never know what opportunities we'll have for service, so maybe the Army is where you're intended to be for now.

Take care. Let your readers know when you're at your new duty site ... there may be another package of Oreos and Skittles and M&M on its way to you.

Kathlyn L.

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary date Fr. Tim. I haven't commented in some while, but I carry you in my prayers, sending blessings often as I go about my days. Major Mike Bowen is coming your way in a few days and promises to look you up, if possible. He's another friend of Bill's. MaryShields Gordon

Mary Coady said...

Congratulations on the anniversary of your ordination! Now that I know it was on flag day, I'll never forget. Guess I shouldn't say "never," since "never" and "always" are the two quickest ways to make a liar out of a writer.

We had a very chocolatey cake after Mass today to celebrate the 63rd anniversary of Msgr. Boyle's ordination (tomorrow). We'll have to scare up an excuse to have cake when you're back in these parts--in fact, just your return is plenty of reason for cake! Mary

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